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Video production Warsaw/ Poland

Ciuciucacy Video Production Warsaw studio- our services:

Corporate video production

We offer video production integrated services – we produce corporate films, educational films, product films, and social media materials. We work with brands, vloggers, online training coaches.

Video post-production

We perform post-production film processing in the following areas: color grading, keying (greenscreen / bluescreen), cleaning shots from unwanted elements, animation (adding graphic elements, animated charts, logotypes, animated intros).

We work on Da Vinci Resolve and Fusion Studio.

Video editing (on-line)

We also edit video based on uploaded material via the internet. The workflow is as follows: – we agree together on a video chat brief, send screenplay or storyboard, if needed. Then we work on the project. Materials can be sent to us by Wetransfer or FTP. We suggest sending heavy files by courier on a portable disk. The finished film returns with Wetransfer or on disk.

Sound / voiceover post-production & FX

We have our own sound post-production studio for video production. We edit soundtracks, reduce noise, cut out unwanted distortions and hums. We work on the iZotope RX and Ableton Live packages.

Our studio

We have our own film equipment (Fujifilm, Zeiss, Nikon), lighting, microphones (Sennheiser), gimbal accessories, tripods, etc. that meet the needs of most corporate and product production. Of course, for larger productions, we borrow dedicated equipment for a specific task. We also have a database of film crew members, whom we select according to the size and type of the project. 

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Ciuciucacy is a studio specializing in product photography and videography.
In the portfolio, we present only part of our achievements. If you have not found your industry here, have specific needs or want to ask something – fill out the form to contact us. You don’t like forms? You can send a message directly to the e-mail address: